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westlondonprojects is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by, titled Just Like That. Employing her specific artistic practice the London based artist will create a stage-like installation consisting of a film and objects newly produced for the exhibition.

The title Just Like That refers to a catchphrase made famous by Tommy Cooper, a British comedian working in the 1970s whose stage persona required that his magic act intentionally went wrong for comic effect. Intrigued by showmanship, slapstick and its legacies Ruth Proctor presents a new film and sculptures that recalibrate a range of references from the Dada films of Fernand Léger and Hans Richter to the comedy of Cooper and his fellow famous British actor and comedian Tony Hancock.

Responding to particular spaces and times, Proctor stages performative moments by activating relationships between objects, surfaces, plays of light and shade, and their continuous reflection and inflection. For westlondonprojects , she has staged a 'mis en scene' between objects and a film, presenting elements as if assembled in a formation of gymnasts or cheerleaders

Based on drumbeats and rhythms the film is choreographed to the imagery of moving objects. The majority of objects are drum shells that move within the frame of a school gym hall using the lines of a basketball court and climbing bars as the stage set, simultaneously posing restrictions for the drums to move within, as if part of a game we have yet to understand. For Proctor the making of the film itself is an intricate hand made endeavor, editing and splicing the footage together, determining the rhythmical logic of what we see. Although silent the rhythms suggested by the imagery and editing allow sound to become integral in a visual sense. For Proctor it is important that meaning is structurally embedded in the material of film itself, using the effects available to 16mm such as hand tinting and overlay techniques.

Born in 1980 in the UK Ruth Proctor studied painting at The Royal College of Art in London where she graduated in 2005. Ruth Proctor lives and works in London and is represented by Hollybush Gardens, London. Recent exhibitions include: ou la vie saisie par l'art, curated by Aurélie Voltz, CAPC Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux (2010), Coreografia del Sintomo, Norma Mangione, Torino (2009), Showtime, Gasworks and her solo show The Stranger and The Savant, Hollybush Gardens both in London in 2008.

Forthcoming exhibitions

Autumn 2010
Group Exhibition, Liz Deschenes, Eileen Quinlan, Blake Rayne, Reena Spaulings, Cheyney Thompson

Spring 2011
Solo Exhibition, Ida Ekblad


Ruth Biography

Born in 1980 in the UK.
Lives and works in London

MA Painting, The Royal College of Art, London

Solo Exhibitions

Just like that, westlondonprojects
Art House Foundation
Hollybush Gardens

Stolen Thunder, Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin

The Stranger and the Savant,Hollybush Gardens, London

Le Beat, CenterBerlin, Berlin
Bowl me Over,Hollybush Gardens, London

Group Exhibitions

The Moot/Contemporary Art Society centenary show, Nottingham Castle
SV10, Studio Voltaire, London
CAPC, musée d'Art contemporain de Bordeaux

Pallas Projects
Coreografia del Sintomo, Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin
Jerwood Drawing Prize 2009
Automatic, AutoItalia, London
Automatic, Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin
Drawing 2009,Biennial Fundraiser, The Drawing Room, London
The Rehersal, Hollybush Gardens, London

Roundel Centenary, Art on the Underground, London
Showtime, commissioned performance, Gasworks, London

Form Matters Kirkoff, Copenhagen
Film London Artists' Moving Image Network Residency
World Cup Group show, 39 Gallery, London
Baroque My World, Transition Gallery, London
Tightrope and Tales, 6 Neal’s Yard


Selected works from the exhibition

Drum Dance
16mm Film Still
3.02 minutes on Continuous loop
Courtesy the artist and Hollybush Gardens
©Ruth Proctor, 2010
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Drum Dance